About this Episode

Steve Geyer's comedy career spans back to the late 70's when he was still in high school in Tampa, FL. While attending a local college so he could teach high school history, Steve honed his is talents in comedy clubs opening for A-List comedians during the 80's, Steve's conversion to Christianity took his comedy in a whole new direction and subsequently released his first of three comedy albums (Slow Men Working) in 1990. Taking a 14 year hiatus from the comedy world, Steve served as a pastor in Nashville, TN and Fayetteville, GA until retiring to the stage in 2013. Steve now wears a variety of hats and seamlessly switches between them. At once he's a comic riffing through material and the next minute he's a teacher making practical life applications from his comedy delivered with a pastor's heart. Author of the book, Shameless ; "Set free from the mask" Steve takes on the topic of shame with insightful clarity, common sense and candid vulnerability.