About this Episode

Chad Williams is a former U.S. Navy SEAL, having served his country with distinction on SEAL Teams 1 and 7. While on active duty, March 14, 2007, Chad’s life was eternally changed as he apprehended the weaponized-message of the Gospel. A new man with a new mission, he understood that his future mission in life was to advance ground for God’s Kingdom. After completing 6 years of service, Chad went on to author the best-selling book SEAL of God (over 100,000 copies in print). Today, Chad has spoken at over 300 faith-based events, fortune 500 companies, and contributes expert analysis related to military affairs for major news networks.

Chad's deepest passion and desire in life is to communicate the life-changing message of the Gospel by drawing from his experiences in the SEAL Teams on and off the battlefield, to convey overcoming a lack of purpose, hope and meaninglessness. Chad has a unique ability of passing on to others a deeper understanding and appreciation for our soldiers who have shed their blood for our earthly freedom; and most of all, the Savior who shed His blood for our eternal freedom.